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"Sonya, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed my Akashic Record Reading you did for me. There were things that came up that I didn't expect, and they were completely valid. There is no possible way you could have known any of the details you told me during the readings. I really enjoyed it and found it fascinating. Thanks again."

Kori, Hair Stylist

"I was amazed and astonized to see the images you saw throughout the reading that I wouldn't have thought in a million years. Within a month, the information you provided came true. Thank you, Sonya, it was a great success and will definitely come to you again in the future. I recommend everyone to go see Sonya. She inspired me to be myself."

Suzanne, Spiritual Healer

"Hello Sonya,it was a pleasure to meet you. My biggest challenges before coming to you was fear and how to attract more clients. You brought up details about my business from my reading that was impossible for you to have known. Results in the end were simply magnificent! You made me a better businessman. I am proud to have met you and wish it could have been sooner."

Paul, Author

"Thank you Sonya for providing me clarity to my career during a time I felt confused and unsure how to proceed. The messages you received from my Akashic Records were exactly what I needed to move on forward with confidence."

Darya, Accountant

"I met Sonya late in 2010 and felt an immediate relief and happiness at the very beginning of my reading. At the time, I wanted guidance towards my soul purpose and which career path to take. I didn't want the reading to end as she brought out tons of information that were 100% true and career best suited for me. Now, my business is perfect and just the way I want it to be! Thank you again Sonya, I am truly grateful to have found such a brilliant and gifted soul on this planet."

Dagmar, CEO

"I will definitely make plans to see you in the future. You are truly a gift from beyond, Sonya. Thank you for making me feel so comfortable and open. I wish I had a pocket-sized version of you to carry around. All the best.With much gratitude!"

Etienne, Actor

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