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About Sonya


As a natural born psychic medium, it wasn't until Sonya was introduced to healing powers and Akashic Records that her passion kicked in and her gifts fully blossomed. From there, she began her studies, which have spanned over 20 years.

A gifted teacher and intuitive, Sonya is committed to empowering her clients to live spiritually authentic, effective and impactful lives. With a client list spanning over 50 countries. Her clients include leaders, business owners, police officer/detectives, and celebrities, just to name a few. 

With a deep connection to Mother Earth and the Universe, Sonya is an avid nature and animal lover. She has been on a personal development and spiritual growth path since birth and is an insatiable learner. 

Her gifts keeps on growing and growing every time. 

Sonya's work has been featured in many different publications such as Women's Health, the Huffington Post, Forbes, Sibyl Magazine, The New York Times, CHAT magazine SOUL AND SPIRIT as a spiritual teacher. She also appeared as a special guest on Paranormal Analytical and Adrian Denney Show.

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