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Psychic Medium Investigation

In 2008, Sonya graduated with top honours in Police Sciences. She has worked with many officers side-by-side on solving cases which most detectives got stuck on. Sonya specializes in finding missing people and helping detectives solve a crime.

Homicide detectives utilize many tools in their investigations. The use of a Psychic Investigator Sonya Barbir can be considered as an additional investigative tool, and has been used by numerous law enforcement agencies worldwide. As a police psychic, Sonya has learned to use her mind in form of communication, scientifically known as "psi" which exists outside of our "normal" senses.

Psychometry and remote viewing are two of Sonya's basic tools. She touches objects the victim wore or suspect left behind. Sonya believes that objects emit a field of energy which can be "read". This energy field carries information, images, visions, feelings and much more.

To further help the investigation, Sonya can become another person such as seeing, hearing and feeling the world through the senses of the victim and/or murderer. She uses a variety of techniques and is always trying new approaches.

Although she cannot guarantee the outcome of the cases, rest assured that she could guarantee her best possible efforts. It is understood that psychics do not solve crimes...police do! In effect, Sonya is an investigative tool and works directly with law enforcement officers.

A psychic medium should be called into an investigation as a last resort and when traditional methods for solving a crime have been exhausted.

Sonya prefers not to know any details or personal background of the victim and/or crime other than the first name of the victim and the type of crime. It is important to start slowly. Sonya tries to see psychically what the victim looked like, or to re-create the scene of the crime. She does this for two reasons: to make sure she is "tuning" into the case and to give the Officer/Agent confidence in her a psychic investigator. If this goes successful, she can continue on with the case.

Try not to analyze the data that she gives you immediately. This of this part of the session as "facts gathering". Get as much information you can possibly get. Later, you can analyze those information received and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Sonya does not mind skepticism. However, continued skepticism and negativism hampers her work and concentration. So practically speaking, if an officer feels that he or she cannot accept or work with a psychic investigator, then this officer should not get involved in this segment of the investigation. Instead, with someone who may be skeptical, but is able to put aside this personal prejudice, should be assigned to work with a psychic investigator.

She does not offer any media coverage and/or will not speak with media and asks for her anonymity due to the seriousness of the issues surrounding the investigations.

The charge for a psychic consultation with the police detective working on the case is $750.00. The session is usually lasting from one to five hours. If the police have a forensic artist to draw the suspect, it would be helpful for the team.


Due to ethics and moral if Sonya does not feel any connection to a case, she will not aid and will offer a full refund.

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