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Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression session will help you to uncover the fascinating parts of who you are.

For examples:

  • If someone carrying excessive weight in this lifetime might have has a previous life where they were malnourished or starved to death.

  • A compulsion of constantly washing hands and/or having a significant preoccupation with cleanness can be traced back to a time living in poor hygiene conditions.

  • A woman having difficulties having children even though there is no medical reason for it during this life witnessed her children die during a time of plague and vowed to never have children again. 

The insight from a past life regression session can help you bring understanding to heal and release old patterns healed in this life.

During a session, you will be guided to the point of cause that an issue first came up. Most people sees the same key players in other lifetimes, mostly family, friends, and intimate lovers surprisingly. There are many possibilities. Some may see and experience a scene as if watching a movie or television. More commonly, we experience a vague sense of impression of being in another place or situation.

Sonya will guide you be asking a series of questions intended to help you connect more fully to your experience. She will provide assistance to a fuller, deeper picture, which will allow you to release your emotions tied to the past experience. Keep in mind, it is our negative emotions, not the actual event brought forth from a past life that creates the negative consequences we may be currently experiencing in this life. 

Benefits of Past Life Regression:

  • Heal past issues still addicting you in this lifetime

  • Clear genetic imprints from your linage which are unresolved and afflicting your health

  • Heal mental confusion and disturbances

  • Clean and heal emotional abuse

  • Receive clarity and gifts from your previous lives

  • Communicate directly with your guides

  • Speak to your loved ones

  • Meet past lovers and friends

  • Find out your purpose, get direction for relationships, finances, lifestyle enhancement


Indications of a Past Life issue in your current life:

  • ​Depression

  • Phobias

  • Obsessions

  • Prejudice

  • Love at first sight

  • Obesity

  • Self mutilation

  • Self sacrifice

  • Feelings of not belonging

  • Unworthiness

  • Chronic medical problems

  • Repeating patterns


2 hours: $260.00

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