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Be Careful On What Sort Of Questions You're Asking?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Realistically you can ask the cards anything you'd want to know, but if I have to be honest with you, I was told by my angels that you need to ask a "proper question" by rephrasing your question differently.

It's the same as asking a friend for the truth. Sometimes we don’t want to hear that answer, even if it is something you need to hear. So in a loving way I ask you to consider a question you should never ask during a angel/tarot reading “is a question you don’t want to hear the answer to”.  If you are not willing to hear the truth of

the mater or looking at an opposing point of view, the angel/tarot readings can really come off as offensive.

Even for myself during my own readings, the cards tend to have given me answers I didn’t want to hear.  But like a good friend it is in these situations that I pay extra attention to details and evaluate why I am reacting so much to this card and/or what I need to do to personally address these kind of triggers.  Is it my ego that is the driving seat? What do I need to do to get to my highest good and what would be in my best interest of others to get me back on track?

Based on card reading experiences, it is just a mirror to your subconscious mind by which it can pick up your vibes, feelings and emotions and gives you an indication of where you are trending right now with the topic you are asking.  How you react and change your path is up to the individual and we can only really influence the direction of our path and so can other people.  Which leads me to another thing is that the angel/tarot is not great at – yes or no questions.  The cards can help you evaluate paths or between options in which may indicate which path may be better but at the end of the day it is your life, your path, and you should choose. Having our own free will and freedom of choice is the best gift we can give for ourselves.

At the end of the day our future is still really malleable. It has the ability to change even if some events seem certain. It is the way that we handle and perceive how the events happen to us that matters most. 

Finally angel and tarot cards will never tell you when you are going to die, no one but your God and your life purpose knows that answer. No reader should provide this answer or even try to attempt it. 

Lastly, I don’t like to use angel or tarot to spy on others, when the intent is for personal gain. This is simply not for your highest good. The lives of others is not your business unless you have been given permission to explore and share.

Let's look at the best questions to ask during any angel or tarot readings:

Ask questions about health, work, relationships, finances, personal growth and development...

For example: “Tell me about my job/career/relationship right now?” “What are the paths for me if I stay in this relationship/work/friendship or leave?” “What do I need to do to get my health on track?” “I am really stuck right now or what can I do to break free?”

  • Angel and Tarot is all about exploring your journey through the cards so you want to ask questions first that are “What” For example: " What is happening in my love life right now?” based questions or “Tell me about …” For example: Tell me about the job I am applying for. So, the reason you want to have such broad questions is because you want the story from the cards not the final answer- you should decide that. You don’t go to a movie and just ask to know the ending you want to see the movie because you want to see the context. You want to go through the journey.  You should ask these broad questions because of unexpected information that may rise. For example: a key player, emotion, thoughts that may emerge in your story line that is assisting you or acting as an antagonist in your story right now and these are key to helping you fulfill your dreams.

  • Open-ended questions, phrase questions openly so you can get an open response.  It can be questions such as “Tell me about work or my career”,  “How can I go about improving my relationship with such and such”. A good reader will help you re-phrase questions and intentions so that you can get clarity into your reading.  Also when asking your question, only think about the question and nothing else.  Thousands of times, I have caught clients asking for something but thinking about something else and when the answers appear to what they were thinking and not what they are saying.

  • Ask for clarification. Don't be shy. Sometimes the card meaning is not quite clear to you and in relation to the context, some clarity is much needed. Often the best readings are done when further clarification or other questions are needed. It can really drill down to your topic.

  • Your own insight and reaction to the cards is very important too. If you get a strong gut feelings during a reading you should follow your intuition. At the end of the day the angel/tarot reader is a guide, the assistant to showing you your mirror, your subconscious.  The cards should reflect your own thoughts and feelings whether positive or negative.

  • If your reader has multiple decks let the reader know you are drawn to a particular deck.  If you are a sensitive person and like to have gentle feedback, simply ask your reader if they have a gentle deck.

  • When we go see readers, we can often feel nervous, take some breaths or do a mini meditation before you begin your reading. It will help deliver clarity.  I usually like to do a mini meditation with my clients before a reading.This helps remove any fears and negativity that may cloud a reading and gets straight to the heart of the matter!

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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