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What Is Your Spiritual Business Contract?

You may be wondering why someone like me would even consider naming her business after “Your Spiritual Business Contract”.

Well... you see we all have a purpose in life to do something great. It doesn’t particularly means it’s meant for your career. It could be based on helping out with the ecosystem, building relationship among your family or friends and creating new ones along the way, show sympathy towards people, or even volunteering just to name a few… There are so many reasons behind my business name.

I’ll give you an example of myself and what’s my spiritual business contract is all about to me. This will give you the fundamentals of what I’m truly meant to do on planet Earth.

So let’s get to the root of all things first…

I was born with phenomenal gifts of seeing spirits. Every year my special abilities got stronger and stronger. That’s including using all of my senses. I like to think of myself an artistic person. That's where I get my creativity and think outside the box. By exploring the world and different cultures, you'd be surprised how beautiful Mother Earth can really be.

I'm a shy person and even to this day. I have been bullied in the past and eventually that stopped, especially throughout my journey in High School. Am I mad to those who verbally abused me? At the time yes, but I always knew they’re good people on the inside. I know that they were hurting on the inside too. I may not understand what they been going through, but as a human being I always treat people with kind and respect.

Growing up, I took on multiple jobs. A spiritual coach, a painter, a musician/deejaying, working with animals, and much more…

I remember in grade school, one of our teachers asked the class “What would you like to be when you grow up?” My classmates all had a one-worded answer. I mean, I did too, or so I thought at the time.

In High School, as you hit your final year as a senior, that’s when everyone had to make a final decision on who they would want to be and where they want to go for college or university. It all comes down to your future. I know for a fact that you can change your future. Your future is not set in stone. It can always be changed. I went to Post-Secondary School. I finished my degree. But was that truly what I wanted? What if there’s more for me to do out there? What happens next? My mind is constantly on the go and it’s all about the “What Ifs…”

So when I took on multiple jobs, I was truly happy to do the things that I love most. I couldn’t decide to stick to one career or one goal. To me I would find it boring to have the same routine over and over every single day.

That being said, my purpose in my Spiritual Business Contract is to help everyone on Earth.

- I teach/coach business companies find their love in business when they’re at the brink of bankruptcy or they lose one-self. I provide them with business advice to help them succeed once again.

- I coach clients who are in need to finding their niche and/or knowing what their purpose is.

- I enjoy helping animals with healing and sending my love. Animals are the heart of life.

- I volunteer for beach clean up once a year.

- I’m a painter. I like to show people my visions through my eyes.

- I'm a dancer.

- I am a deejay and music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and happiness to life and to everything else.

The word “Contract” is merely the end result of realizing ones passion and accomplishing it.

Am I ever going to choose one career for the remainder of my future? Probably not, because everything I do daily, heal the wounds of so many. I love what I do. All of my careers that I’ve been doing for so many years and more years to come, bring me joy. I love seeing the look on my client's face every time they smile. Realizing what my purpose is on Earth is all about smiles and love.

So that is what my Spiritual Business Contract is all about. I bring my love into the world. We all have a purpose on Earth and it may be more than one such as myself. Every day I deal with clients with healing. Not once my days are the same. It’s ever-changing. Many may have found their purpose a long time ago. I for one would like to congratulate you on your success. And, many may still be figuring out what they’re meant to do. Let me tell you this to everyone…Never regret the mistakes you have made in the past. It’s a life learning experiences. Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself. You are here now with the power to shape your day and your future. Life goes on and that’s what makes it so great. We’re all beautiful on the inside and out. So, keep going ahead as your purpose will come to you at a perfect time and place. It’s a great feeling once you find your purpose and don’t ever let your purpose go.

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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