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What Do Butterflies Mean Spiritually?

Why Do I Keep Seeing Butterflies?

Sometimes, it really just means you and the butterfly happen upon one another, but other times it’s a message from beyond, or a sign the butterfly is your spirit animal. Seeing butterflies everywhere, when you keep seeing butterflies, meaning all the time from noticing the butterfly mouth, to seeing them eating, and regularly seeing a butterfly sitting on a flower may indicate butterflies are your spirit animal. In this case “I saw a butterfly” is significant for you.

What Are Butterflies a Sign Of?

They symbolize a plethora of things. To some they symbolize freedom, love of life, and happiness. They symbolize peace, and safety, as well as beauty, transformation, and enlightenment. They also symbolize gentleness and harmony with nature. They also symbolize change for the better. All good things!


What does it mean if you see butterflies in a dream? Seeing butterflies meaning in general is an all around good thing. The positive symbolism of the serene, sweet creature brings messages of peace, joy, and positive change. If seen specifically in a dream as opposed to just in real life, maybe you are being told that you are moving through the steps of transformation, and you should keep it up. Being reminded you will soon be emerging like the butterfly, newly formed and more beautiful than ever while seemingly stuck in the muck of the chrysalis stage is all the positive reinforcement to keep up the good work you will ever need. It could be a message to celebrate your success, and it could be reminding you that you have the power to manifest your goals. It may be signifying to be in harmony with your environment and to relax, knowing you can move effortlessly through your life.

What Does it Mean When Butterflies Fly Around You?

It could mean a number of things. It could mean you are about to become quite successful, and it could also be a message from your loved ones who have passed away. Butterflies and dead loved ones are seen as one and the same by many, and it is believed a butterfly visiting after the death of somebody you love is a sign they have moved on to a good place in the afterlife and are doing well. Butterflies and deceased loved ones are known to visit the living, and if a butterfly lands on you and stays a while after the death of a loved one, you can take comfort, as it is seen as a sign that loved one is visiting. Not all butterflies bring exactly the same messages, though. Depending on color, the butterflies may be trying to communicate different things.

Blue Butterflies Meaning

A color of healing and peace, blue brightens our hearts in the dead of winter. More than this, blue butterflies are seen as good luck. Blue represents healing, and for the blue butterfly meaning for those struggling with things like diabetes, cancer, or other debilitating illness, you can take heart the symbol of luck and healing is sending you hope. Speaking of blue, the “Blue Monarch” butterfly, meaning The Blue Monarch Project is seeking to save and feed Monarch Butterflies. They seek to have lawns and gardens be pesticide free, to save the Monarch Butterflies, and they sell the milkweed plant, which is the most important food source for Monarchs.

What Do Orange Butterflies Symbolize?

Speaking of Monarchs, their color may not be blue like the Blue Monarch Project suggests, but a beautiful, lively orange! Orange butterflies represent passion and drive, so when you see that orange butterfly, take heed the Universe is telling you to act on the things you care about and follow those dreams. The Monarch butterfly in particular means you are right on the way to realize those dreams. Just keep going! Yet to the people of some parts of Mexico, swarths of Monarch butterflies appear in the sky over some villages during their sacred day of the Dead celebrations. These people see the Monarchs as the spirits of their departed loved ones returning to them.

What Are White Butterflies a Sign Of?

What does a white butterfly mean? In a word, romance! What does seeing a white butterfly mean? Seeing a white butterfly is believed to signify a new romance is about to begin for you! Why do I keep seeing white butterflies? Because lots of romantic options are in store for you! What is the meaning of a white butterfly besides romance? More great things! White butterflies are seen as harbingers of good news! So when you see a white butterfly be on the lookout for new romance or new positive news coming your way!

Black Butterflies

Black butterfly signs are those of death. Either portending a physical death, or sharing the message of the death card in tarot, black butterflies can simply signify drastic change. Cutting out the old and new ways coming in may very well be what this sophisticated butterfly in a “little black dress” is flitting in to tell you about. Besides just white or black butterflies, what is the meaning of a black AND white butterfly? If the black and white butterfly is inside your home, it’s believed to mean a member of the household will become seriously ill or die. If it’s seen outdoors, however, it is putting you on notice a power shift of some sort is at hand, and this can be very very good.

What Does it Mean When You See a Yellow Butterfly?

Like a ray of warm sunshine, seeing yellow butterflies is a happy thing. They represent joy, optimism, and energy as well as playfulness. The yellow butterfly may be bringing all those good things to you or it may be telling you that you already have those things, and it’s just a sign to continue to enjoy them. Yellow butterflies also symbolize that an important announcement may be coming your way, or you may soon get a good blast from the past in the form of a happy childhood memory. What does seeing a yellow butterfly mean? All good things and things that make you happy!

Two Butterflies Flying Together

When you see two butterflies flitting about together, it means love. It means beautiful harmonious love, or friendship! Seeing lots of butterflies can be a compounding of all the messages and symbols listed above, and it all depends on color or what the butterflies are doing. After all, a group of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope! Like the plentiful of number of a large group of them, the messages are greater as well. One strong possibility of seeing a lot of butterflies is that you are about to be blessed with much prosperity. Open yourself to the bountifulness this message brings, and enjoy!

What Does It Mean When You Get Butterflies?

When you are anxious or nervous, they say you are “getting butterflies”, meaning your stomach is upset. This can be good or bad. When somebody says “He gives me butterflies”, meaning they like him and are worried they may make him dislike them somehow, it can be good. It means they found somebody to like, and chances are they may like them too. When you have phobia of flying on an airplane, and you “get butterflies” or an upset stomach due to flying, that’s not a good feeling at all, though!

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