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Embody Financial Freedom In 8 Ways

To really bring it into your body. This blog is a financial freedom boost. Discussing 8 ways to embody your financial freedom—to really bring abundance into your body and experience. The more we work through the issues on our money tissues, the more we can evolve.

1. Radiate Gratitude

  • Things stick around when we’re grateful for them.

  • Radiate gratitude into the future.

  • The quickest way to speed up over manifestation is to be grateful for things that haven’t come together yet.

2. We Need To Be Giving

  • It needs to feel authentic.

3. Radiate Abundance

  • Celebrate abundance in others.

  • Consider yourself as rich before you already are.

4. Surround Myself With Financially Free People

  • Books, podcasts, YouTube, private golf courses, etc.

  • Make sure they have the same ethics as you.

  • Build relationships and meet people who are financially abundant people.

5. Surround Yourself With People Who Are More Successful As You

  • Get clear on what you want so you can surround yourself with what you want.

6. Make Peace With Your Past And Future

  • When you’re living in your past, it’s hard to make peace with what’s currently going on.

7. Look Money Straight In The Eye Every Day

  • What we see in money is really just our own projections that haven’t been healed.

  • The more we shift ourselves, the more we shift our money story.

8. Have A Money Vision

  • Money likes to have a purpose.

  • It should make us excited, but a little bit uncomfortable.

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