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Dreaming of Deceased Loved Ones: What Does It All Mean?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

When it comes to visitation dreams, have you ever woken up dreaming of your relatives whom passed away? They talk to you or you're dreaming of someone who has passed away and wondered if it's real or not? Visitation dreams just so happen to be one of five common signs our deceased loved ones show us.

It happens to almost everyone at one point or another. I've got good news for you. Many of those times, the connections are very much real.

The question I would like to ask you is, how can you tell the difference between a dream and a spirit connection?

Let's start off by knowing the difference between a regular dream and a visitation dream. Regular dreams are a natural occurring phenomenon. Dreams tend to be a complete nonsense and are often weird. Most dreams doesn't have to make sense. However, specific things may look familiar to you.

For example: You're leaving your home, came upon a giant rubber duckie and start floating down the street. You wake up questioning yourself what the dream is all about. Many aspects of it might seem very real and clear to you. You recognized your street, your home, front door and the rubber duckie. However, none of it need to make sense because it's only a dream. Now when we "see" people in dreams, they are simply roles. Most often at times, you don't see faces or see in great details. And, that is fine.

However, when it comes to visitation dreams, your loved ones communicate with you. When a decreased loved one connects with you while you are sleeping, you will know it is them. You will see it 100% clearer. You will see all of their features, the details, and the characteristics they may have. It will be just like a person standing right in front of you once you are awake. You will know it is them.

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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