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Clear Yourself

With increasing sensitivity comes self-responsibility for managing any energies that you may absorb. Just as you bathe to remove residue from your physical body, it's also necessary to energetically purify yourself. And as many ways as there are to wash yourself physically, so are there a variety of methods for cleansing your energetic self.

Ask your angels to guide you today in clearing away unwanted energies. However, they'll remind you that they can only do so if you first ask, so call upon them for help.

You can clear physical and energetic toxins by enjoying a hot bath with natural sea salts. Live plants (either potted or in the ground) and crystals can also assist you in this process, just by being close to you.

Any intention that you have to detoxify yourself will always be successful, so please don't worry about whether you're doing it right. Notice the lightness and increased energy that you feel after this clearing.

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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