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Are They Still Mad At Me?

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Are They Still Mad At Me? This question has been coming up a lot, “Are they still mad at me?”

For example, someone recently asked me, “Is my mom still mad at me?”

The question usually comes with the story that goes something like this: “Mom and I had a fight the night before she died. I never got to say I'm sorry or even I love you.”

From my perspective as a psychic medium

Here are some good news: in my 30+ years as a psychic medium I have yet to have somebody come through from the other side angry at somebody on the side. It just doesn't happen.

We become enlightened when we get on the other side. We see things completely differently and we see things from a perspective of love and light.

Silly little arguments, disagreements, and other nonsense falls to the wayside.

More often than not, they will joke about incidents like this when I bring their spirit through at live events or during reading sessions.

Why do they joke about it, you say? Because death gets in the way of things. Since they have no control over their passing, it's almost always an inconvenient time to leave.

Our deceased loved ones do not want us getting all hung up on stuff like this or that.

When we get over to the other side – heaven – we lose all forms of ego. We lose the “I was right and you were wrong” thinking. It no longer exists in their plane.

So if you're feeling guilty, I urge you to let go of that. If you choose to be worried about that, just be clear that it's only you worrying about it and not them. So why carry that guilt with you during life?

Just to be clear, let me state the obvious and I'm talking about petty agreements, arguments, etc.

If you were talking about robbing a bank or murdering someone and mom was upset at you because of that, I can guarantee you she will still be upset on the other side!

Remember this that love never dies. Your loved ones are definitely alive in the afterlife and wish only the best for you. Embrace that, and run with it.

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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