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6 Ways You May Be Wasting Your Soul's Purpose

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

When you’re alone with your own thoughts, do you ever question yourself whether you are truly on the right track with your soul’s purpose?

I get it! In the past, I’ve wondered myself. After conducting over 100,000 soul purpose sessions of the years with men and women from all walks of life, I’ve seen first hand that even though we may know what our purpose is, we still don’t know if we’re really living it.

Diving deeper with those I’ve coached and trained, I learned that there are 6 major disruptions that give you the illusion of being purposeful, but (of course) are NOT your purpose. They’re unconscious, and we slide into them because we have a distinctive program to be purposeful – we just don’t always channel it the way we intend. I don’t want you go into judgment as you read through these. Keep in mind and tune in to see which one(s) may ring true for you:

1. Always being on a diet – The thing about diets is that as long as you gain weight, your purpose becomes taking it off again. The diet is just a tool that facilities this is misdirected inner programming. So, what do you do once the weight is gone? Well, if you are still distracting yourself from living your purpose, then you repeat the cycle, and eventually feeling like a hamster on a wheel.

Q: If you weren’t distracting yourself from living your purpose with your weight issues, what would really be weighing you down? What do you really crave? What could you do that would feel more purposeful to you?

2. Digging yourself out of debt – Unconsciously, when we are afraid of living our purpose but still want to feel purposeful, another way we misdirect creating debt so that our purpose becomes digging ourselves out of it. However, if your purpose is erasing the mountain of debt that you’ve created, then can you ever really get out of debt? What will happen when you’re debt-free? Who will you be?

Q: If debt wasn’t where you put your focus and sense of purpose, how much energy would be freed to live your purpose without apology? What would you make space for?

3. Being a self-help junkie – You came into this world perfect, whole and complete – as long as you make fixing yourself a full time job, you can give yourself the illusion that you’re busy living your purpose when what you’re really doing is reinforcing the belief that you can’t put yourself out there until you’re perfect. And this is where we begin chasing our own tail!

Q: If you were already perfect, whole and complete, where could you grace others with your unique gifts and talents? What would you be sharing with the world?

4. Dating the stray puppy – They’re cute, they’re cuddly, they’ve got a sad story, and you need to give them a lot of training and love for them to grow into their full potential, don’t have the right tools, so they keep peeing on you, running away, biting you, and so forth. You are so convinced that you are the only person that can rehabilitate them, and if you can’t, you find another stray puppy OR become a self-help junkie to find out why you keep failing at training stray puppies (both of which just distract you from your real purpose:). As long as you’re focused on training this stray animal, there’s no time to live your purpose more consciously, right?!

Q: If you channeled your desire to be a healer into working with those that consciously and willingly seek you out for service, what would show up for you?

5. Igniting and putting out fires – As long as you create crises (or participate in the crises that others create), then your purpose becomes putting the fires out, right?! It’s a constant roller coaster of fight or flight. It gives you the sense of importance, significance or purpose that you’ve been longing for. Eventually, you burn out from this and don’t feel like you have enough energy to direct towards your true purpose!

Q: If you already matter and have a right to take up space on the planet, would you give yourself to live your true purpose? If you could serve, without being needed, what space would that create for you?

6. Creating chronic illness – This is very common when we decide to up-level. Also, an unconscious pattern we create when we want space (aka a time-out) or when we learn that it’s the only way that people show they care about us.

Q: What is a healthier way to have your needs met so that you can truly feel fulfilled and purposeful?

Wishing you Love and Harmony,

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